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Evolution of Aroma Profiles and Potential in Shine Muscat Grape Berries during Ripening

Water Footprint of Table Grape Production Systems: A Review of South African and Global Studies

Organoleptic and Quality Characteristics of Malagousia Variety Grapes Fermented with Selected Indigenous Yeast Strains

Solubility of Quercetin in Wines

The Promise of Using Protoplasts in Grapevine Research

Data-driven Determination of Disease Markers’ Threshold Values in Rot-affected Wine Grapes

Dry Matter Accumulation, Seasonal Uptake and Partitioning of Mineral Nutrients by Vitis vinifera L. cv. Sultanina Grapevines in the Lower Orange River Region of South Africa – A Preliminary Investigation

Attempted Identification of Causal Constituents of Pink Discolouration in White Wines

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