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A Method to Discriminate Between the Candida stellata and Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Mixed Fermentation on WLD and Lysine Agar Media

Candida zemplinina and Candida stellata are two closely related species and difficult to distinguish based on standard taxonomical methods and rDNA 5.8S-ITS PCR-RFLP (Sipiczki, 2003; Sipiczki et al., 2005). At the time the manuscript has been accepted for publication, additional information has been obtained based on results generated from MboI and Dral restriction enzyme digests in rDNA 5.8S-ITS PCR-RFLP analyses (Csoma and Sipiczki, 2008). Based on these results, and sequencing of the 26S D1ID2 domains, the IRVV strains classffied as C. stellata (referred to as Csl and 014 in the manuscript), have to be reclassffied as members of the species C. zemplinina, as described by Romancino et al. (2008). This is in agreement with findings published by Sipiczki et al. (2005) and Csoma and Sipiczki (2008).

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