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Winery On-site Assessment of Grapevine Bunch Rot: In Pursuit of Sustainable Practices

Phylogeny of Holocacista capensis (Lepidoptera: Heliozelidae) from Vineyards and Natural Forests in South Africa Inferred from Mitochondrial and Nuclear Genes

Susceptibility of Grapevine Sucker and Green Shoot Wounds to Trunk Disease Pathogens

Irrigation of Agricultural Crops with Municipal Wastewater – A Review

Research Note: Spur Pruning Leaving One Bud is an Interesting Viticultural Strategy to Control Bud Acrotony in Bolivian Vineyards

Evolution of the Polyphenolic Content of Moravian White Grape Variety Wines of Different Vintages During Storage

Rootstock Control of Scion Response to Water Stress in Some Commercial Grapevine Cultivars

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