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Research Note: Do Differences in the Colour and Phenolic Composition of Young Shiraz Wines reflect during ageing?

P. de Beer, A. Strever, W.J. du Toit*

This study investigated the evolution of the colour and phenolic compounds of Shiraz wines during wine
ageing. Wines made from grapes from the same vineyard, but with a different phenolic composition,
were used in this study. Analyses included colour density, anthocyanins, tannin, hydroxycinnamic acids,
flavan-3-ols, polymeric pigments and polymeric phenols. Differences in the phenolic composition of the
young wines were generally still observed after six and 12 months of ageing. These results indicate that the
significant differences in terms of phenolics and colour in young Shiraz red wines could also be expected to
be reflected in the wines after ageing.

Phenolics, colour ageing, polymerisation

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