List of Journals

Hydric Behaviour and Gas Exchange in Different Grapevine Varieties (Vitis vinefera L.) from the Maule Valley (Chile)

G. Gutiérrez-Gamboa, A. G. Pérez-Donoso, A. Pou-Mir, C. Acevedo-Opazo, H. Valdés-Gómez

Cost-effective Ultrasonic Extraction of Bioactive Polyphenols from Vine and Wine Waste in Serbia

V.N. Radovanović, M. Andjelković, B. Arsić, A. Radovanović, L. Gojković-Bukarica

Chemical and Sensorial Characterization of Tropical Syrah Wines Produced at Different Altitudes in Northeast of the Brazil

J. B. de Oliveira, R. Egipto, O. Laureano, R. de Castro, G. E. Pereira, J. M. Ricardo-da-Silva

Research Note: Effect of Light Quality on Fruit Growth, Composition and the Sensory Impact of the Wines

E. H. Blancquaert, A. Oberholster, J. M. Ricardo-da-Silva, A. J. Deloire

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