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Influence of Maturity and Vineyard Location on Free and Bound Aroma Compounds of Grapes from the Pais Cultivar

C. Ubeda1*, M. Gil i Cortiella2, R. Del Barrio Galán2,3, A. Peña-Neira2

Some of the volatile compounds present in grapes give wine is its unique and genuine characteristics.
“Terroir” and berry maturity are considered to be the main influences on the expression of these
characteristics. This work was undertaken to establish the specific characteristics that define Vitis vinifera
cv. País, based on its aromatic profile and free and bound compounds (glycosides), and to assess the effects
of location and maturity. Free and bound volatile compounds presented significant differences in the three
locations studied. The total amount of free alcohols, acids and ketones depended on the location. During
ripening, the amount of aroma precursors increased in all chemical groups in every location studied, and
they were found mainly in the skins. With reference to free volatile compounds, it was found that cis-2-
hexenol could be a good candidate to assess maturity, and that terpene content seemed to be strongly
related to the vineyard location and cultivar conditions. Also, data analysis showed that the free aroma
profile seemed to be influenced more by the maturity of the grapes and the bound aroma fraction more by
the location.

Volatile compounds, glycosides, País grape, location, maturity

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