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ICP-MS measurement of 11B/10B Isotope ratios in grapevine leaves and the investigation of possible Boron Isotope Fractionation in grapevine plants : The 2009 vintage delivers classic quality in the north, while the south continues its run of success

Coetzee, PP; Greeff, L; Vanhaecke , F.

The correlation between the 11B/10B ratio in grapevine leaves and that in the growth medium was established in a series of hydroponic experiments with grapevine cuttings for different cultivar/rootstocks combinations. The hydroponic growth medium was alternately spiked with boric acid containing B with natural isotope composition and B enriched in 10B, so as to vary the 11B/10B ratio. B isotope ratios in grapevine leaves were determined by quadrupole-based ICP-MS after digestion and complete matrix removal through microwave digestion and isolation of matrix-free B species using ion exchange separation. It was found that the B isotope ratios in the leaves were not identical to those in the growth medium, but that a change in the ratio in the growth medium induced a similar change in the leaves. For a particular cultivar/rootstock combination, a characteristic B isotope ratio was found that was different from the ratio in a group of plants with a different cultivar/rootstock combination

Boron isotope fractionation, 11B/10B isotope ratio, ICP-MS, grapevine, wine provenance

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