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Effects of ultra-high pressure treatment on the phenolic composition of red wine

Chen, X; Li, L; You, Y; Li, Y; Mao, B; Zhao, W; Zhan, J.

Wine is usually aged in oak barrels. In this study, young red wines were treated with ultra-high pressure (UIIP) to stimulate the ageing process. Changes in phenolic acids, flavan-3-ols and proanthocyanidins were determined by reverse-phase high pressure liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC).

The concentration of phenolic acids increased, while the levels of flavan-3-ols decreased. The content and structure of proanthocyanidins also changed and the tendency was similar to that of natural ageing.

UIHP, phenolic acid, flavan-3-ol, proanthocyanidin, red wine

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