List of Journals

Microbial resources and innovation in the Wine Production Sector

C. Berbegal1, G. Spano1*, M. Tristezza2, F. Grieco2, V. Capozzi1

Effect of Torulaspora delbrueckii Yeast treatment on Flavanols and Phenolic Acids of Chenin blanc Wines

Z. Ngqumba1,2, N. Ntushelo3, N.P. Jolly1, B.J. Ximba2, P.P. Minnaar1*

Determination of Bioactive Compounds and Mineral Contents of Seedless Parts and Seeds of Grapes

M.M. Özcan1*, F. Al Juhaimi2, M. Gülcü3, N. Uslu1, Ü. Geçgel4

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