List of Journals

Characterisation of Vernaccia Nera (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes and Wine

D. Fracassetti, M. Gabrielli, O. Corona, A. Tirelli

Evaluating Nanofiltration Effect on Wine 87Sr/86Sr Isotopic Ratio and the Robustness of this Geographical Fingerprint

C. Moreira, M. de Pinho, A.S. Curvelo-Garcia, R. Bruno de Sousa, J.M. Ricardo-dalSilva, S. Catarino

Bioactive Properties, Fatty Acid Composition and Mineral Contents of Grape Seed and Oils

F. AI Juhaimi, Ü. Geçgel, M. Gülcü, M. Hamurcu, M.M. Özcan

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