List of Journals

Malolactic Fermentation induced by Lactobacillus plantarum in Malbec Wines from Argentina

M.C. Lerena, M.C. Rojo, S. Sari, L.A. Mercado, S. Krieger-Weber, M. Combina

Exploitation of Simultaneous Alcoholic and Malolactic Fermentation of Incrocio Manzoni, a Traditional Italian White Wine

R. Guzzon, S. Moser, S. Davide, T.R. Villegas, M. Malacarne, R. Larcher, T. Nardi, P. Vagnoli, S. Krieger-Weber

Ecophysiology, Vigour, Berry and Wine Characteristics of Grapevines Growing on and off Heuweltjies

S.J. Bekker, J.E. Hoffman, S.M. Jacobs, A.E. Strever, J.L. van Zyl

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