List of Journals

Changes in Volatile Profiles and Activity of Hydroperoxide Lyase and Alcohol Dehydrogenase During the Development of Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes (Vitis vinifera L.)

Ya Nan’ OuYang1, Jin Shan Gao1, Ruo Lan Li1, Mei Rong Zhu1, Xin Hao Hu1, Zhuo Min1, Shu Xia Chen2, Zhen Wen Zhang1,3,
Yu Lin Fang1,3*

Effect of Wine Closures on the Aroma Properties of Chardonnay Wines after Four Years of Storage

N. Liu1, Y.-Y. Song1, G.-F. Dang1, D.-Q. Ye1, X. Gong1, Y.-L. Liu1,2*

Enhancing Phenolic Maturity of Syrah with the Application of a New Foliar Spray

Sz. Villangó1,5*, Gy. Pásti1, M. Kállay1, A. Leskó1, I. Balga2, A. Donkó3, M. Ladányi4, Z. Pálfi5, Zs. Zsófi5

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