List of Journals

Gas Exchange Relations of Ungrafted Grapevines (cv. Carménère) Growing Under Irrigated Field Conditions

F. Jara-Rojas1, S. Ortega-Farías1,2*, H. Valdés-Gómez1,2, C. Acevedo-Opazo1,2

Aromatic Profile of White Sweet Semi-sparkling Wine from Malvasia di Candia Aromatica Grapes

G. Montevecchi1, F. Masino1,2,*, G. Vasile Simone2, E. Cerretti2, A. Antonelli1,2

Ethyl Carbamate Production Kinetics during Wine Storage

J. Xue1,*, F. Fu 2, M. Liang2, C. Zhao1, D. Wang1, Y. Wu2*

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