List of Journals

Behaviour during Malolactic Fermentation of Three Strains of Oenococcus oeni used as direct Inoculation and Acclimatisation Cultures

P.M. Izquierdo Canas, E. Garcia Romero, F. Pérez Martin, S. Sesena Prieto, J.M. Heras Manso, M.L. Palop Herreros

Comparative Study of the Resveratrol Content of Twenty-one Italian Red Grape Varieties

S. Vincenzi, D. Tomasi, F. Gaiotti, L. Lovat, S. Giacosa, F. Torchio, S. Rio Segade, L. Rolle

Biochemically induced variations during some Phenological stages in Thompson Seedless Grapevines grafted on different rootstocks

S. Jogaiah, D.P. Oulkur, K. Banerjee, J. Sharma, A.G. Patil, S.R. Maske, R.G. Somkuwar

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