List of Journals

Evolution of Yeast Population during Different Biodynamic Winemaking Processes

Guzzon, R; Widmann, G; Settanni, L; Malacarne, M; Francesca, N; Larcher, R.

Geostatical Analysis and Scaling of Grapevine Root Distribution

Linsenmeier, A W; Lohnertz, O; Lehnart, R.

Ampelographic and molecular characterisation of Aglianico accessions (Vitis vintfera L.) collected in southern Italy

Alba, V; Anaclerio, A; Gasparro, M; Caputo, AR; Montemurro, C; Blanco, A; Antonacci, D.

Environmental Impacts of Tartaric Stabilisation Processes for Wines using Electrodialysis and Cold Treatment

Bories, A; Sire, Y; Bouissou, D; Goulesque, S; Moutounet, M; Bonneaud, D; Lutin, F.

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