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South African
Wine Lab Association:

13 Nov 2013 - SASEV/WINETECH Conference - National Speakers

The South African Society for Enology and Viticulture (SASEV) aim to serve as a forum for making the latest scientific knowledge available for all South African wine and grape producers.  A scientific conference is held every second and in the alternative year a workshop conference.  This year’s conference will be in a workshop format where the theme will mainly resolve around South African Wine Industry Research.  The conference will be in collaboration with Winetech where the focus will be on the new research strategies Winetech wants to roll out in the wine industry as well as informing the industry about all current research projects.  Winetech coordinates research, training and technology transfer in the wine industry.

The conference will be held over three days with two open sessions on the Wednesday and Thursday mornings while at the rest of the workshops, feedback will be given of current research. The Annual general Meeting will also be held on Wednesday. Six workshops will be held, which will address the Winetech programmes as set out in the Winetech Strategic document, accepted by the Winetech Board in April 2013. Two parallel sessions each day are planned for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013:

Workshop 01 - TERROIR IDENTIFICATION AND UTILISATION THEREOF THROUGH ADAPTED VITICULTURE PRACTICES. Prof Eben Archer is the programme coordinator and chair of the session.

Research projects regarding terroir, soil science, viticulture practices and grape composition all have the improvement of grape and/or wine quality as common goal and will be discussed in this workshop.

Prof Eben Archer

Workshop 02 - Grapevine and Wine Biology. Prof Florian Bauer is the programme coordinator and chair of the session.

This programme focuses on the improvement of grapevine, wine yeast and bacteria, and aims to promote environmentally friendly, quality driven, sustainable and cost-effective production of grapes, wine, brandy and other grape-derived products.

The focus of the workshop will be:                                                        Prof Florian Bauer

  • to further our understanding of wine biological systems (grapevine, yeast and bacteria)
  • to provide access to, and to better exploit the natural genetic diversity of grapevines and existing microbial biodiversity
  • to apply novel insights to improve these biological systems and their application to better respond to wine industry needs                                                                                          

Thursday, 14 November 2013:

Workshop 03 - PEST and DISEASE MANGEMENT. Dr. Lizel Mostert and Dr. Pia Addison are the programme coordinators and will chair the sessions.

The pest and disease workshop aim to gain a better understanding of the pests and diseases of grapevine to be able to improve management strategies that will allow for more effective pest and disease control without any negative impact on the environment and human health.

Dr Lizel Mostert                                                                                                                           Dr Pia Addison

Workshop 04 - WINEMAKING TECNIQUES AND PRACTICES. Prof Pierre van Rensburg is the programme coordinator and chair of the session.

The intent of this programme is to work in partnership with the industry and be the promoters of oenological innovation that will help South African winemakers meet the challenges of an ever changing, multifaceted and volatile export market, while continuing to improve the product in the consumer’s glass.  This workshop will incorporate all aspects of winemaking, from harvesting of the grapes to sensorial evaluation of the final   bottled wine. 

                                                                                                  Prof Pierre v Rensburg

Friday, 15 November 2013:

Workshop 05 - ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY. All environmental projects form part of the Winemaking Techniques and Practices programme but for the workshop these projects will be addressed in a separate session. Mr. Jacques Rossouw, chair of the Winetech Environmental

Sustainability committee will chair the session.

The workshop will focus on research to enhance natural resource sustainability and to reduce the environmental impacts, resulting from farming activities and winemaking practices and techniques in wine cellars, distillation and grape juice processing plants through the use of the best available international practices and standards and the identification of new innovative solutions. 

Mr Jacques Rossouw


Workshop 06 - VIRUS AND PHYTOPLASMA DISEASES. Prof Johan Burger is the programme coordinator and chair of the session.

The Grapevine Virus and Phytoplasma Research Programme aims to alleviate the serious virus and virus-like disease problems in the South African wine industry by thorough characterisation of grapevine virus and virus-like pathogens, to develop strategies to manage the diseases they cause, to prevent further spread of these diseases, and to use the latest technologies for the establishment of genetic resistance in wine grape cultivars in the longer term.

Prof Johan Burger

The workshop will focus on the multidisciplinary nature of the grapevine virus and virus-like diseases and comprises projects addressing the focus areas that make up the three corners of the virus/phytoplasma disease triangle. These are the different Viruses/Phytoplasmas, the Vitis host and the insect Vector(s), which all play equally important roles in the complex nature of these diseases. Within these focus areas, cross-cutting themes like identification and characterisation, control, detection, epidemiology and transformation will be addressed.

The programmes are available on the SASEV Website ( or contact Melinda vd Ryst at the SASEV office, 021 8896311/12 or send an e-mail at

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