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South African
Wine Lab Association:

38th Winetech SASEV Conference - 23 and 25 August 2016

Please contact the office for the registration form.

Renaissance Yeast / Sasev / Winetech Conference 2015

Danie Malherbe, Vito Rugani, David Venter, Carl Opperman, Anel Andrag

From left to right:  Danie Malherbe (Conference Chair) with guest speakers Vito Rugani, David Venter and Carl Opperman; Anel Andrag (President – SASEV)\

Wim Truter, Clark Smih, Danie Malherbe

From left to right:  Wim Truter (SASEV Board member), Clark Smith (International Guest Speaker) and Danie Malherbe (Conference Chair).

Gerard Martin, Anel Andrag, Danie Malherbe, Rico Basson

From left to right: Gerard Martin (Winetech), Anel Andrag (President – SASEV), Danie Malherbe (Conference Chair) and Rico Basson (VinPro)


SASEV Sponsors R5000 and more: